Digitization without nameplates

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Most of the electronic equipment used in the transition to digital technology comes with foreign components.

Senator Maxim Kavdzharadze raised the issue of the quality of electronic industry devices during the transition to digital during a speech by Konstantin Noskov, Minister of Digital Development, with a report on the transition from analog TV to digital in the Federation Council.

According to the senator, a successful transition to digital technology is impossible without its own electronic industry.

Its worth understanding that now there is no arms race, but the race of digitization and dependence on the supply of components can lead to undesirable consequences, said the senator.

In his opinion, it is important to attract Russian developers, and not suppliers, who have only the status of a Russian company and the label Made in Russia.

Im talking about who and what equipment you will buy, from our own manufacturers or from suppliers who work on the element base of China and America, the senator asked.

Confirming the voiced, Konstantin Noskov added that most of the equipment of Russian suppliers was collected on the element base of foreign manufacturers. But this issue is before the government and we are dealing with this issue, the minister noted.